Mountains and Forests - Nadav Soroker

Mountains and Forests: That's Wy

This is a reboot of a now-defunct blog that I maintained chronicling my work and adventures.

I moved to Cheyenne, WY earlier this summer and have started working much more heavily on video projects instead of stills at the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Between the crunch of Cheyenne Frontier Days and the grind of reaching out to editors and company media managers for freelance work, I have not had as much time to shoot the kind of daily journalism I'm used to. 

However, the move up here from Georgia has also given me a lot of access to mountains and national forests. Each weekend and when I needed to escape the grind of pitching and networking I have been able to explore and shoot the kind of adventure and landscape work I like to shoot. So here is a sample of what I have been up to and what I am working on.

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