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  • Best of November
    112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 15A chaplain leaves the Ellicott School District administrative offices during the first day back to school after Ellicott Middle School principal Diane Garduno was killed in a head-on collision, on Monday, November 27, 2017. Ellicott School District Superintendent Christopher Smith said that 25 counselors where available that day to help students. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 2Colorado Springs Patrol Officers examine the outside of the Portal apartments while trying to contact a resident that had called for assistance in November, 2017. The resident reported a person outside the apartment harassing and threatening them. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 14Terry Poe, catapult constructor and Nature Center volunteer, helps Devin Derosier, 10, launch a pumpkin at the El Paso County Fountain Creek Nature Center’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ event on Saturday, November 25, 2017. About ten kids and their families came out to the nature center for the event. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 4Air Force Falcons wide receiver Marcus Bennett (8) heads to the cadet section of the stands to sing the Alma Mater with his team after losing to the Army West Point Black Knights 21-0 at Falcon Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 10Ann Judge reaches for her hat as she rides Thunder onto the field after the Broncos’ second touchdown at Mile High Stadium on Sunday, November 19, 2017. The Broncos fell short of a successful comeback, losing to the Bengals 20-17. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 5Trevor Halverson, quarterback for Liberty High School, is the Peak Performer of the Week after throwing four touchdown passes in the teams final game against Cheyenne Mountain. Photographed on Monday, November 6, 2017. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 1Mike Greene built a cigar-box guitar and plays blues music. Photographed in the Gazette studio on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 13Pfc. Amoy Robinson’s knife carves through a turkey as Pfcs. John Hewston and Shane Collier work with her to carve the last of 350 turkeys at Fort Carson, on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. The soldiers were part of a rotating group of cooking teams that prepared turkeys 24-hours a day for the Salvation Army to give out on Thanksgiving Day. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 12A field officer watches the sidelines as the sun sets over the crowd at Mile High Stadium on Sunday, November 19, 2017. The Bengals defeated the Broncos 20-17. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 7Rhea Shrestha, 13, stretches out a hand with unlit LED lights during rehearsal dances for the “Pyaar… Expressions of Love” performance, at the Fellowship Bible Church on Sunday, November 12, 2017. The performance is part of the local Indian communities annual Diwali celebrations and also a fundraiser, this year for the Court Appointed Special Advocates. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 11A Denver Broncos cheerleader looks at Miles the mascot as the sun sets over Mile High Stadium on Sunday, November 19, 2017. The Bengals defeated the Broncos 20-17. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 3Army Black Knights running back Darnell Woolfolk (33) slams Air Force Falcons defensive back James Jones (4) into the ground before being shoved out of bounds at Falcon Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017. The Black Knights shut out the Falcons 21-0. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 16Brother Luck plates a dish in his restaurant, Four by Brother Luck, on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Luck is a contestant on the new season of Top Chef, airing December 7. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 6Air Academy Kadets midfielder Ryan Self (15), center, kisses the state championship trophy after defeating the Centaurus Warriors 1-0 in overtime at Dick’s Sporting Goods Field in Denver, Colo. on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017. Self scored an overtime header to make the Kadets the Colorado 4A state champions. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 17Brother Luck is a contestant on the new season of Top Chef, airing December 7. Photographed at his restaurant Four by Brother Luck on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 8Rucha Katdhare, 10, holds her arms outstretched in the ending moments of a dance during rehearsals for “Pyaar… Expressions of Love” at the Fellowship Bible Church on Sunday, November 12, 2017. The performance is part of the local Indian communities annual Diwali celebrations and also a fundraiser, this year for the Court Appointed Special Advocates. 112017 BESTOFNOVEMBER 9Pueblo South running back Steve Brock (2) has the ball torn out of his hands by Vista Ridge player Jeffrey Crittendon (13) for a fumble recovered by Pueblo South at Vista Ridge High School on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Despite getting points on the board in the latter half of the game, Vista Ridge couldn’t prevent Pueblo South from running away with the win 35-14.
  • Best of October
    100817 FALLFESTIVAL 7Chicken Croquets cook on an old stove in the Orchard House during the Harvest Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017. 10_21_2017_WaldoWaldo_27Becca Sickbert, eyeball, and Holly Dempsey, panda, raise their arms during yoga before the Waldo Waldo 5k through downtown Colorado Springs to raise money for the Waldo Canyon restoration on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017. Sickbert and Dempsey work for Elope, the presenting sponsor of the race. 100917 BALLROOMDANCE 2David Moon and Jessica Mancini dance along the main floor at Stargazers Theater during the Swinging’ with the Stars on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017. After the final song the main floor was opened for social dancing. 101117 HUMMER 1Steve Denney, in the car, steers his lexus while a tow truck driver and police officer push it out from under the Hummer that drove over it in the intersection of Colorado Ave. and Weber St. on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017. No one was hurt in the accident. 101217 POLICEDOG 7Corporal Matt Sanchez gives Amp her toy after completing a search of a locker room in Fountain Middle School in Fountain, Colo. Photographed on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017. Amp is trained using her toy as positive reinforcement. 101617 ROYBALMEMORIAL 1Maree Elmore watches as members of the American Legion and Colorado Patriot Guard Riders file past American flags during a memorial for her boyfriend, Chris Roybal, in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. Roybal, a general manager of Crunch Fitness in Colorado Springs, was a victim of the Las Vegas massacre. 101817 STANDDOWN 2David Ivey, right, hugs his guide Roger Stewart after lunch the Veterans Stand Down in the Colorado Springs City Auditorium on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017. All the veterans attending the Stand Down were given an active serviceman or a volunteering veteran as a guide through the process; once they were done Stewart gave Ivey a few dollars to help out. 102117 VOWRENEWAL 3Officers stand to raise and arch of sabers as Tessa Thomas, center, and Naval Petty Officer 3rd class Colin Thomas, seated, prepare to leave the altar at the New Life Church on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. Colin suffers from stage 4 pancreatic cancer which forced him from the Navy, and prompted a renewal of the couple’s vows. 102317 HOMECOMING 11A soldier opens the doors to the William “Bill” Reed Special Events Center to admit members of the 3rd Armored Brigade for their homecoming in Fort Carson, Colo. on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017. 110617 MULEMAN 8Glenn Ryan unplugs the tractor to unload a delivery of hay at AG Ranch in Bailey, Colo. on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017.
  • Gone Fishin’
    20170712_FujiDump_ns_0383Isabella Alves leaves her families property with her three fishing poles after an afternoon catching bass for dinner. 20170712_FujiDump_ns_0337Isabella Alves wades through bushes on the side of the small lake to move to a new fishing spot. 20170712_FujiDump_ns_0361Isabella Alves casts her line into a small lake on her family’s property trying to hook a greedy fish that had been eating bait all day. 20170712_FujiDump_ns_0343Isabella Alves holds her line out in the pond as the sun sets and the fish start biting more. 20170712_FujiDump_ns_0348A bass flops on the ground next to a bait bucket before being unhooked.

    When in Arkansas, do as the Arkansans do. In this case it means going out fishing with my girlfriend on her family’s property in the Ozarks. I was a newbie fisherman and managed to tangle most of the lines, but she was patient and we still made off with a decent catch to cook up.

    Unfortunately, about halfway through the fishing, the lens on my camera got greased up with something (maybe fish slime?) and took on an 80s glamour glow. When I got back I made sure to clean it off real nice, but in the meantime a lot of the photos came out a little hazy.

    Current Inspiration: Daro Sulakauri’s photo story on a Georgian mining town in the Caucasus Mountains. The weighty feeling of toil and the harsh conditions juxtaposes against the vibrant life of the children playing and being young, all wrapped up in an environment in decay as the mines became less profitable. The project is incredible and moving and very humanizing to the human aspect of what a damaged industry looks like.

  • Covering the special abortion legislative session

    The Missouri Legislature was pulled back into its second Special Legislative Session by Gov. Eric Greitens to grapple with issues related to abortion. This was partly because of a recent court case that ruled against the state, and partly because of a St. Louis City ordinance that prevented discrimination on the basis of a woman’s reproductive choices.

    After the call went out to legislators a call, an email really, came to me asking if I would be available to head down to Jefferson City to cover the session. I was just waking up when the email came in, fired off a quick response in the affirmative and hopped in the shower.

    As I woke up more, I realized that I had just agreed to go cover a special session that, honestly, I didn’t have the full perspective to be able to cover adequately. I realized that if I was going to cover abortion I would need a woman to cover it with me, or instead of me. I came to this decision based on the fact that I work in a predominantly female newsroom and, despite my (very) slight edge of experience in covering the state capitol, it would be inappropriate for me to cover a women’s health issue while excluding them.

    I resolved to call my editor back as soon as I got out of the shower and tell him that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this until he offered it to other women in the newsroom, or unless one of them was at least coming with me. I got out, grabbed my phone and he had responded to my previous email saying I would be going down with a female reporter so that ended up not being a problem after all, but it still stuck in my mind while I was reporting. I would always try and ask myself what one of my female coworkers would be asking or thinking while reporting.

    Here are the articles that I worked on while down there:

    Missouri Senate abandons several of Greiten’s anti-abortion proposals

    Opposing abortion-related rallies fill the Capitol during special session

    Missouri House committee passes abortion bill with stricter regulations

  • Holding Government Accountable

    I had the privilege last Friday to attend a youth town hall at the Columbia Public Library where teenagers grilled their elected representatives. I honestly found it very impressive what these young citizens were interested in and where asking about. Their concern about issues that I wasn’t even beginning to think about at their age was inspiring.

    Honestly, I wish I had my life a together as they seem to. I barely managed to make it through the meeting juggling all the jobs I had taking photos, video, notes, audio recordings and paying attention to who said what that I needed to catch afterwards to talk to.

    Check out the article I wrote for the Columbia Missourian about the meeting.

    Current Inspiration: I am digging the work of Elizabeth Brumley at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Maybe its the sunny city she is in, or maybe its her style but her work has a bright, lively feel that I really dig right now.

  • Summer Reporting Midway Point

    I have now been at the Missourian as a reporter for about three weeks. It has been a wild ride, swinging from busy days spent churning out updates on the Edward Scissorhands-esque trimming of the UM/MU budget to slow days of slogging through river data. While at the Missourian I have written a few articles:

    And contributed to other articles as part of a team, or written part of a multi-angle story.

    Its been a wild ride, and Im not even halfway through.


  • Among Monks

    Assumption Abbey Zine

    Over the past week I spent five days living at the Assumption Abbey photographing the Trappist and Cistercian monks who live there. This is the result of that time, a small zine of life in a small world set apart.

  • Vigil of Pascha


    At a little before midnight, I went to St. Luke’s Greek Orthodox Church to photograph the Vigil of Pascha Easter morning. The experience was challenging but very rewarding since there was almost no light in the building except for a select few candles. Over the multi-hour service, there was a lot of subtle emotion that I tried to capture, and I think that, in part at least, I succeeded.

  • Father Michael Monos

    20170318_OrthodoxChurch_ns_0048Monos passes the cross at St. Lakes Greek Orthodox church in Columbia.20170318_OrthodoxChurch_ns_0070Smoke pours from a burning incense holder as Monos walks past parishioners.Monos and his son Matthew read prayers from the lectern.20170318_OrthodoxChurch_ns_0145Monos crosses himself while reading from a prayer book.Under his vestments, Monos' hand rests on his lectern.20170318_OrthodoxChurch_ns_014420170318_OrthodoxChurch_ns_0181

    Father Michael Monos, the priest at St. Luke’s Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia, has truly dedicated his entire life to his calling. He and his family are the main church leaders, his son helping him lead services. When he isn’t working in the church he runs his own Greek Orthodox publishing company, Newrome Press, as well as now taking over a new publishing company from Holy Cross Orthodox Press.

  • A One-Day Story Edit and practice layout


    For the one-day story of a father and his young daughter at a children’s pageant, myself and Tom Hellauer picked these six photos for our final edit. We then combined them into a cover and inside spread.

    inDesign layout PDF: layout-practice_ns_th

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